Personal Guarantor Insurance

Business loans and credit facilities are a normal part of most businesses. But if a partner in your business was to die, become disabled, or suffer a critical illness, the financial position of everyone involved with the business could change dramatically.

Inevitably, business debts are ‘joint and several’ and supported by personal guarantees from the business owners over their own assets (i.e. their homes). This means that each owner is individually liable for all of the debt.

Ask yourself and your business partners?

  • Is it possible you would be forced to refinance or repay business loans if you or one of your business partners was to die, become disabled or critically ill?
  • Is there any possibility that the overdraft facilities of your business may be withdrawn?
  • Would your personal guarantees be called upon?
  • Would your personal assets be at risk?
  • Could your business continue to run and services its debts?
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